Leafing through the book: a journey to Atlanta and Sicily

The audio, video and photo reportage of the journey of a Sicilian-Cherokee!

Looking for a (American) publisher!


“Giovanni Vallone is a genius” (The Guarlian)

The warning of Pedro, the Dogfather!
Live Audio Life/Chapter 11: U cunnutu (the betrayed husband)
Chapter 17: The eerie stealing of the note blocks, the Velvet Note, Brazil, Brazil, Bra-
Chapter 2: Crazy, Greenland!
Learning Minchia: Che bella faccia di minchia!
Is he Sicilian or Atlantan?
Give your answer and explain your decision!
Live Audio Life/Chapter 1: Acitrezza
Chapter 36: A fun and loving day with my wife walking around Atlanta with nothing to expect
Chapter 3: Grandpa Poseidon, his son Atlans and aunt Sicily
Chapter 4: Ground zero of sexual hedonism
These 3 very dangerous Sicilians participated the story (the Sherif is on the middle)
J.C.: two letters!
Live Audio Life/Chapter 31: Decatur and Ellis Paul
Chapter 35: The Duke Avarna, the Beautiful Betty and Fox
“And tell me Betty…have you been here a long time?”
“Ohhh yes, I’m a singer too.”
“How nice, and what do you sing? gospel?”
“I’m recording everything you’re saying,” I said all of a sudden.
“You are…”
“It’s not true.”
“Yes, it’s true.”
“You are not”
“I am yes”
Searching for a publisher!
Chapter 1: The cannolo, the arancino and minchia
Are you Italiano? Enjoy the journey of Giovanni on Italian Public Network
Molto buono, slurp, delicious, sapuritu (delicious in Sicilian)
Chapter 36: A fun and loving day with my wife walking around Atlanta with nothing to expect
When we entered Corner, Velesia shouted a prolonged “ciaoooo,” and Mama Africa did the usual “aaaahh” and the Ethiopian-American, following her usual behavior, approached Silvana and whispered “Minghia! Beautiful scarf, it goes well with the color of your eyes.”
Silvana literally amazed! “Do not worry, it’s normal. I learned her to say minchia and now she say it everytime she see me. Even though she sais minghia … but it’s ok”
The logo of the book: a Sicilian coppola hat with a Cherokee feather
Learning Minchia: Minchia vs You know
Chapter 21: Atlanta and Jazz, two impossible words!
Chapter 15: Leprechauns, Giufà and Barbie; but also the peanuts at Whole food and the cob at Mt Bethel Church
She was accompanied by a black girl in her twenties. The young girl must have weighed about 300 pounds, and wore a turquoise dress that slimmed her.
She had a crazy face, beautiful however, a completion between porcelain and glass.
She was black with peach skin …
Live Audio Life/Chapter 29: Bathroom Northside tower
Chapter 33: An evening for the ugly, the dirty and the bad guys: Blind Boys of Alabama
The picture portrays the Blind Boys wrapped around me! We saluted affectionately, in the sense that I kissed them and this did not surprise them so much, as they smiled and one of them said, almost to explain it to others: “He’s Italian,” as if to say, “he’s not queer”