A Sicilian along the Chattahooche

The adventures of a Siciliano in Atlanta

Looking for a (American) publisher!


A Sicilian along the Chattahooche is a book (yet not edited) written by the Sicilian Giovanni Vallone, a multi-awarded writer and author.

The book is searching for an American publisher since, as the author says: “In Sicilia n’aiu schifiu. U cercu Mericanu!” (In Sicily I have plenty of publishers interested to edit the book, but I am searching for an American one).

On 2015 Giovanni came to Atlanta with his wife the chef Silvana Recupero, on behalf of Italian Public Network (the journey of Giovanni was broadcasted by RaiRadio3 in March 2016: “Viaggio ad Atlanta”)

Over the course of his adventure, Vallone takes the reader on a voyage of discovery of places, characters and flavours in both Atlanta (his newly declared love) and Sicily.

And we’ll laugh a lot!